4 07 2011

Last week we celebrated four years since the birth of our second daughter.  She so reminds me of my wife – beautiful eyes, looks she makes, and the shape of her lips – she’s all “mom”.  I googled the biblical significance of the #4 and not much comes up other than it being a part of the #40 which has great significance biblically.  Anyway, wanted to see what came up.  Of most significance to me on this day was the health and happiness of all our children as we experience those in our life in which health is a battle – many of those battling are young children, just like ours, and it just doesn’t seem quite fair for them to endure such struggles.  I often sit with her, and my wife and I talk about her “infant feet” – that stage in childhood that seems to capture their innocence in the shape and direction their little feet go when sitting on a couch or cuddled with me wherever.  To our benefit, our now four-year old will one day grow out of those infant feet and we have another in her wake to enjoy in this regard – a passage in time one wishes would last forever.  But Christ is the holder of the key in our lives, and we can only trust in Him of what is next, what will challenge us around the corner, or how we will rejoice in His suffering on the cross for us………I’m so thankful for the #4 – she is our 4th child – ah, therein such significance – I didn’t even realize it until typing it!  Stay in His wakes!




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