In My Seat…….

8 09 2011

I am thankful that I checked out my brother in Christ’s more recent entry at and hope he doesn’t mind me copying “In My Seat” for those that read stuff here, and as a reminder to myself of my obligation and urgency in the reality that Christ died on the cross for my sins.  I post Peter Scheibner’s Life Objective below as I can’t recall reading a better one:

To seek, trust and glorify God through humble service and continual prayer.  To raise up qualified
disciples as quickly as possible.  So
that one day I might hear God say, well-done my good and faithful servant.

Thank you, Steve, and bless you for this objective.  Below is my more recent business Contribution Statement that sits plaqued on my office door.  It incorporates much of my learning of the definition of a man through Robert Lewis’ “The Quest for Authentic Manhood”:

Through vision, rejecting passivity,

accepting responsibility, leading courageously,

and enabling continuous improvement,

 I will empower Macgregors to be The Best in the long-run.

Combining such a Life Objective and my own Contribution Statement in business is so inviting on this day, and should be every day.  Please watch the video “In My Seat” – the last 2 minutes are strikingly important.  Stay in His wakes!




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