Lest we forget…….

10 11 2011

One of the most significant days of our earthly existence for me personally is Remembrance Day – it’s often a day I take off work to attend a service of some kind with our boys so that they, too, can experience and take time out relative to those in the world that sacrificed for our daily freedom here in Canada.  In reflection at this time, closest to me, John (Jack) Walker, my grandfather who served as a radar specialist with the RCAF – I wish I had taken more of an opportunity while with him to thank him for his service and sacrifice away from his beloved ones……Melville Mudge, my wife’s grandfather, who served on the front lines as a tank mechanic and through His will, returned home to his family unharmed physically.  His scars emotionally from battle only he knows and respectfully wasn’t willing to share with us before his passing.  These are men that shape us, at least, have shaped me.  Their legacy must be remembered with so many others that served to provide the freedom we enjoy today and most often, at least I must admit, I often take for granted just the same.  “Thank you” seems but little.  Lest we forget………Stay in His wakes!




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