……spiritual humour?

11 01 2012

Somewhat popularized by the likes of sport I suppose, John 3:16,

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

 is a verse many a believer, including myself, cling to in this world that seems to shun Christ.  Tim Tebow is all the hype in the world these days, not just in the NFL and football, and I’ll self confess that I’m a new-found football fan…..more specifically a Tim Tebow fan.  But not because of the football – that’s just the stage he presents himself in for me.  This “kid” – I can say that as I’m almost twice his age, from what I can see is more than just a football player.  He is using his stage for the glory of God, or so it appears, and I’m quite fascinated with his discipline not just on the field, but in his heart and life.  He was homeschooled which is fascinating for my wife and I given we educate our kids at home.  His story is one my boys can read and connect with (that’s my hope and prayer at least!)………..as his story is more about his strength, Christ, more than anything.  So how do all these #’s weigh into his ongoing story – he throws for 316 yards last Sunday?  Apparently 3 years to the day from a game he wore the John 3:16 eyeblack at a bowl game and threw for an average of 31.6 yards on Sunday as well.  What does it all mean to me in the references to “316” – well, all I can conclude is that God indeed has a sense of humour and maybe this is just Him having some fun.  I realize it doesn’t mean much when statisticians conclude these results – after all, another pretty good QB, Aaron Rodgers, threw for 316 years in a regular season game this year and not a word was mentioned.  I’m watching this kid with wonder and excitement in any case – hope he stays true and strong and mighty for God and…….stays in His wakes!




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