Counting my blessings…..

15 02 2012


This Valentine’s Day was a bit odd as I recovered from my second shoulder surgery in four years the day before.  As much as others complain about our health care system in Ontario, I feel blessed to be taken care of well over a few surgeries in my life.  I was the romantic husband in certain respects, planning well ahead of the game and telling my eldest son that if I was out of it, Mom’s gift could be found in the back seat of my car.  I am blessed with a caring, loving, and supportive wife – I can’t journal what an absolute treasure I feel that is – words can’t convey my thoughts.  As our marriage continues to grow in Christ (that wasn’t always so by the way!), so to does our connectedness in all we do.  That doesn’t make life easy but it sure creates a protectedness of our marriage and love that I would never have imagined – which speaks to my naivety in the beginning of marriage.  Although clearly a day of the world, it was a fun time for us  – especially when I realized we ordered the same gift(s) from the same site……….comical.  Stay in His wakes!




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