A “Glo” about her…….

16 03 2012

The picture is a bit outdated but not by much.  It captures the love of my life with our 5 children and this post is truly in acknowledgement of her and what she means to me.  Hopefully her “surprise 40th” event(s) capture those meanings in a variety of ways.  The crowning jewel was surprising her at a local restaurant we have come to enjoy with 40 of her closest friends and family – she had no idea what was coming as the evening began.  The blessing of the evening for us both, frankly, was the prevalence of God in planning, getting there, and celebrating throughout the evening.  Words of encouragement, friendship, and the gospel were spoken throughout the evening as my bride took her place on the “hot seat” in discomfort, I suppose, being the unplanned center of attention.  The evening ended with her words of thanks to the group, but more humbling, was the evidence of God’s grace in her life and words and the straight forward and emotional message of Christ being at the center of her life that made me so proud to be in a marriage of firm footing with her.  I believe we both spoke unashamed (which hasn’t been easy for me personally over the years) that our life is nothing without Christ as our Lord and Saviour.  Praise be to God!  Happy 40th my dear.  Stay in His wakes!




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