2 years……….not enough…..

20 03 2012

It’s not very often that I personally feel compelled to get involved in something “political” and it’s hard to judge as a Christian man one sin vs. another sin and point towards what, today, was an unjust judicial system in Canada.  I’ve followed a bit of the witness of NHL hockey players Theo Fleury (I have read his book “Playing with Fire” – an account of his journey in life – warning to those that might consider reading – it is graphic and should come with an advisory warning on the swearing penned throughout) , Sheldon Kennedy, and I believe Theo’s cousin Todd Holt relative to being preyed upon by their junior hockey coach Graham James.  Laws are laws biblically and in the country of which one resides but I was sickened by the ONLY 2 year sentence handed down today to Mr.James for his multiple (in the 100’s) occasions he sexually abused young boys for his personal satisfaction.  To know that individuals like Graham James surround our towns, cities, provinces, country, and the world, and that the Canadian government failed so badly in his sentence should make us all sick to our stomach’s.  As I watch the public testimony of these brave men – survivors of sexual abuse – I am proud that they challenge me as a voter in this country to ask my constituent in politics what he/she will be doing as my voice to change the laws in this country relative to child abuse.  I’m ashamed that I didn’t ask upon voting last time.  I know many that say a politician has to pick their battles and we as voters also need to pick our battles – one can only do so much I’ve often heard and even agreed to at times.  Today I’m more compelled than ever to pick the battle of helping change the laws of this country relative to child sexual abuse and child pornography.  Shame on us.  Shame on the Canadian judicial system.  Shame on our Prime Minister.  My prayers today turn towards Christ to intervene and may He continue to judge us and our sin.  Stay in His wakes!




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