Another “season” begins…….

25 04 2012

….no whining, no blame, just trust that He has a plan for my boys.  Tryout season began last weekend where we live – in short, we don’t seem to reside in “easy street” when it comes to Canada’s passionate approach to what is referred to as “rep” hockey.  Last year was a test of wills, a test of my earthly fatherly patience, and a test to our son, who was caught looking from the outside in for the first time in his young hockey endeavours.  Both the boys have been sought after and that meant knowing what organization they would play for historically and it also meant tryouts were more of a formality.  That all changed when we moved about 2 years ago.  Upon reflection I failed in many ways not trusting the plan and course God would take us on, in what is at the end of the day,  just a sporting activity.  This go around, both the boys have sights set on teams they wish to make and be a part of and I love that about them both.  We support them in extra skating and that often means carting three young girls around as a result.  As a father I celebrate with them through successes and my heart aches when they don’t.   What a reminder of how our Father’s heart must ache for us as we sin and forget to glorify Him in so many moments and scenarios.  My endeavour is to be a good witness at the rink this week, not get caught up in the stupid gossip that comes with the territory, and trust His plan for these young souls that we have entrusted to His care.  Stay in His wakes!




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