Sin support………

30 05 2012


“Who Am I” in this journal blog references me as the worst sinner I know – words of another that I found befitting.  As I look at myself, my sin, and who I need to be an example for in my life – my wife, my sons, my daughters, my Christian brothers and sisters, my parents, my co-workers, my friends…….I realize I fail often.  As a businessman, I need to keep my honesty and integrity in check and treat others as I would want to be treated – that’s not always easy.  As a father, are my actions those that I wish to instill in my children as the sponges they often are.  Am I who I say I am?  I think so, although failure is close around the corner.  All around us today are pressures and temptations.  How do I navigate through troubled waters………..keeping my eyes on the prize………ultimately that Christ died on the cross to bear the pain for my sins……….and keeping my eyes on my wife, having brothers to put their hand on my shoulder in support, going through a day honouring Him as best I can, and looking at the 5 pairs of eyes that look back at me each and every day and asking myself if my actions are what I would want for my children.  I think of so many men these days that seem to find refuge in the fantasy of pornography and wonder whether they realize that someone’s daughter or son is who they are watching.  I hear of men who cheat on their wives and seem to find some form of excuse why they ended up in such a situation rather than just taking responsibility for their actions.  If you don’t have a mentor or someone to be accountable to – find one quick.  A non-judgemental person in your life can make all the difference – it does in mine.  Watch less TV and snuggle with your loved ones – TV used to be (sometimes still is with a hockey game on!) an excuse to zone out – read something worthwhile instead.  Get into bed with your wife rather than a late night go-around with some pretty awful stuff that is found on TV, or worse, the internet.  Set rules and boundaries on media in your home – this isn’t easy and we are continually trying to find the perfect approach.  Any advice is welcome!  Stay in His wakes!




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