“the” wave…..

24 08 2012

No, not the Blue Jays or sports venue wave, but the “boat wave” – while on vacation at the cottage we boat often on the Kawartha Lakes of Ontario.  Beautiful surroundings, lovely water, nature, sort of, the way God intended it (the far North is more like it but that’s a post for another time)……………and lots of boaters.  All my life I’ve been cottage boating – it’s like second nature being on the water for me.  And all my life, no matter what lake, I’ve always participated in and witnessed the friendly “boat wave”.  But my wife and I got to thinking, so why in the world is it that everyone seems to get in a boat and all of a sudden they’re your friendly neighbour on the water way(s).  We don’t bolt down the 401 or 407 express highways waving at the car next to us, “hey, just giving you a friendly wave as I pass you….hope your having a great day!”  There’s no doubt it feels good and everyone’s being nice – but why not elsewhere – even walking down the hallway at work or school, through the mall…..not every cyclist waves to a fellow cyclist on the road.  Why the boat thing?  Well, it’s something to think about and learn from………I am.  Stay in His wakes!




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