When you see something you haven’t seen before…….

4 09 2012

Our 11 year old, sweet hearted giant of a boy, not yet quite a man, he is.  Recently he (or I should say we!) went through hockey tryouts for a new team added to his age group for development purposes.  I’ve journaled before on some hockey endeavours, and this was no different for a dad – you want your kids to be accepted no matter what – and it’s a tough process you try and go along side your kids with whatever the activity.  What I want most is to cozzy up along side our kids help shepherd them into Christian maturity and acceptance of Christ as their Saviour.  Each tryout you get “the envelope” that either says you’re accepted to the next stage………or not.  For this young man, final tryout came and we walked out to the car to open “the envelope” – I think I’m usually more in antipation than my boys for reasons I just mentioned plus you don’t want to see the look on their face if they are rejected.  He likes to open his own and he did.  As I saw the first sentence or two the formality of it made my heart stop and I waited for the tears………..but alas…..acceptance – you’re on the team!  What I didn’t anticipate was a smile on my sons face that I’d never experienced – a smile and gift from God it appeared – it was something I hadn’t seen before on my childs face.  I reminded him that somewhere there was a skater that didn’t feel his joy.  To you, little, big man, I wish you safety and a good season of learning, development and fun – we will cheer you on.  You deserved this acceptance and we are thrilled for you – congratulations!  Stay in His wakes!




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5 09 2012


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