Wow – way to long in between posts……

21 11 2012

Amazing, I’m still a blessed man!  It’s been so long since being on wordpress I forgot my password and didn’t recognize the log in page.  I’ve found new ways of journaling which has probably taken me away from this format but they are all worthwhile.  All around us seems to be the good of Christ, yet the evil of the enemy too……….working at exploding up marriages, and most of all trying to take one’s focus away from Christ.  Pictures often tell a thousand words – I like to think our family of 7 is pretty much perfect but we have a teenager with raging hormones, home school issues, sibling issues, time issues, “I’m too busy” issues, girls with raging hormones that aren’t even in hormone land yet, disgruntled siblings with this or that – but we’re all healthy, we have little debt, the family business continues to be successful – and although we aren’t perfect, we have a marriage that is grounded and centred in Christ.  We just don’t seem to take near enough time for His glory.  Our “radical generosity” endeavours are rolling along as we do things quietly under His care and will – it is amazing the opportunities we have to bless others and sit back and enjoy such moments – oh how that must mirror the joy Christ takes when we are truly in His will and plan.  Oh, to have a perfect roadmap of how not to fall into the traps of our sinful natures.  I recently had what seems to be quite the health episode (think I passed a kidney stone eventually) – that certainly kicked me back a step or two.  One perfect blessing I suppose as I rear young boys – watching the grin on my youngest sons face as he was rewarded as Assistant/Alternate captain of his hockey team – sometimes kids just deserve such outward recognition (don’t get me wrong, I realize it means nothing in the heavenly realms!) and mine really did.  Nice to post again.  Stay in His wakes!




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