10 12 2012

…..we all have regrets in life I suppose.  I regret not doing more with my life even to this day.  I regret that days go by that I don’t lift up the Almighty and give more attention to Jesus as I walk through a day.  I regret what I eat sometimes.  I regret when my tone of voice may not be the way it should be in bringing up our children, or the way I might speak to my lovely wife at times.  We all fall short.  I watched a short film clip on that came to my attention today through someone else’s much more famous blog….ha, lol – as if mine is famous some how!………..but it reminded me of another regret in my life – probably all to familiar to many a teenager growing up in a house of many privileges – giving up piano lessons.  Now I did use some of that musical knowledge and played the saxophone (tenor and baritone, no little alto sax!) up to grade 12 of highschool, and then took up the highland piano and remain a very amateur piper to this day – but giving up the piano was a mistake.  My own boys have talent from my wife’s side of the family as excellent piano players, but I’m afraid they, too, show little interest in doing anything with piano beyond what we make them do.  We definitely have more hope for the girls!  It’s easy to think back with regret, but the promise of Christ is that we’re forgiven when we repent of our sins – there should never be any regret in such truth.  Enjoy the clip.  Stay in His Wakes!




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