Faith in Humanity………

27 02 2013


Wow – what a pause in between posts – it’s certainly not on purpose nor for lack of anything happening in (my) life.  “Faith in Humanity” is not necessarily a phrase in my vocabulary although it has become so recently.  Our workplace had some cancer needing cleansing – it came to our attention that in our midst was an elaborate theft operation within a specific ethnic community relative to our staff make up.  People we’ve trusted for years – many with us over 20 years…….in total over 150 years of service that was “cleansed” from our operation.  Internal investigation…..police investigation….staff meetings…..cancelling staff order benefit programs temporarily……..and all amidst a corporate culture that I can comfortably say fits into our family concept of “radical generosity” on so many work-related/employer levels.  It made our executive team and so many other good people question humanity.  I’ll be honest, a piece of my faith in humanity was stripped away.  I’m a realistic business owner – for me to believe that not one of some 200+ staff isn’t stealing from us would be naive.  But the numbers involved in this realization collectively was not on our ownership radar.  Infusing my Christian faith and WWJD in such a situation was difficult – forgiveness needs to be a part of the healing process and I’m thankful that I can prayerfully turn to Christ for His guidance.  And then so many God honouring realities in this world come to my attention through multiple sources.  I’ve posted some of them below so that my faith in humanity is QUICKLY restored.  Stay in His wakes!

(Click on the above link and tell me this young man didn’t inspire you!?)

(at times when I question our involvement in what might be meaningless sports – this was a reminder to stay involved and honour God!)




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