Perhaps a bit early but………..we don’t care……

23 07 2012

So, I commissioned my brother-in-law’s giving girlfriend and her graphic design expertise to help us with a logo and design for “radical generosity”………….generosity of her own in time.  We think we are almost complete after a few rounds of “like this, like that”.  My brother in Christ and mentor shared the following words when I asked for his opinion on the logo……….”attempt great things for God, expect great things from God”.  Wise words from a wise man.  Radical generosity……….breath it, live it……..Stay in His wakes!



I’m Farming and I Grow it…………….

27 06 2012

Well, I’m no LMFAO fan at all but one hears their lyrics constantly in the world – I’m more partial to these cowboys lyrics and supporting the agriculture business.  Enjoy and stay in His wakes!

Sin support………

30 05 2012


“Who Am I” in this journal blog references me as the worst sinner I know – words of another that I found befitting.  As I look at myself, my sin, and who I need to be an example for in my life – my wife, my sons, my daughters, my Christian brothers and sisters, my parents, my co-workers, my friends…….I realize I fail often.  As a businessman, I need to keep my honesty and integrity in check and treat others as I would want to be treated – that’s not always easy.  As a father, are my actions those that I wish to instill in my children as the sponges they often are.  Am I who I say I am?  I think so, although failure is close around the corner.  All around us today are pressures and temptations.  How do I navigate through troubled waters………..keeping my eyes on the prize………ultimately that Christ died on the cross to bear the pain for my sins……….and keeping my eyes on my wife, having brothers to put their hand on my shoulder in support, going through a day honouring Him as best I can, and looking at the 5 pairs of eyes that look back at me each and every day and asking myself if my actions are what I would want for my children.  I think of so many men these days that seem to find refuge in the fantasy of pornography and wonder whether they realize that someone’s daughter or son is who they are watching.  I hear of men who cheat on their wives and seem to find some form of excuse why they ended up in such a situation rather than just taking responsibility for their actions.  If you don’t have a mentor or someone to be accountable to – find one quick.  A non-judgemental person in your life can make all the difference – it does in mine.  Watch less TV and snuggle with your loved ones – TV used to be (sometimes still is with a hockey game on!) an excuse to zone out – read something worthwhile instead.  Get into bed with your wife rather than a late night go-around with some pretty awful stuff that is found on TV, or worse, the internet.  Set rules and boundaries on media in your home – this isn’t easy and we are continually trying to find the perfect approach.  Any advice is welcome!  Stay in His wakes!

Let this be the beginning…….

9 05 2012



Let this be the beginning of Radical Generosity.  The journey we have found ourselves in recently is one directed by the Holy Spirit alone.  When a gospel-centred life starts to drive one’s engine as a human being and when the blessings in life are bountiful, thoughts of mine have crisscrossed often.  We continue to pray about what radical generosity will look like as we hope to bless people locally and globally – it is coming together slowly – and it is an endeavour that will be covered in gospel oriented initiatives and lives.  We’ve already been at work with radical generosity and that is more gratifying than words could ever convey.  Stay in His wakes!

Another “season” begins…….

25 04 2012

….no whining, no blame, just trust that He has a plan for my boys.  Tryout season began last weekend where we live – in short, we don’t seem to reside in “easy street” when it comes to Canada’s passionate approach to what is referred to as “rep” hockey.  Last year was a test of wills, a test of my earthly fatherly patience, and a test to our son, who was caught looking from the outside in for the first time in his young hockey endeavours.  Both the boys have been sought after and that meant knowing what organization they would play for historically and it also meant tryouts were more of a formality.  That all changed when we moved about 2 years ago.  Upon reflection I failed in many ways not trusting the plan and course God would take us on, in what is at the end of the day,  just a sporting activity.  This go around, both the boys have sights set on teams they wish to make and be a part of and I love that about them both.  We support them in extra skating and that often means carting three young girls around as a result.  As a father I celebrate with them through successes and my heart aches when they don’t.   What a reminder of how our Father’s heart must ache for us as we sin and forget to glorify Him in so many moments and scenarios.  My endeavour is to be a good witness at the rink this week, not get caught up in the stupid gossip that comes with the territory, and trust His plan for these young souls that we have entrusted to His care.  Stay in His wakes!

Real good information vs. celebrity wrong info……

21 03 2012

Here I am with another somewhat “political” post but I’m compelled to journal about it as it is the business life I somewhat live and breathe.  Just as Graham James should be ashamed of himself, so should celebrity chef Jamie Oliver with his high and mighty consumer confusing message about LFTB (Lean Fine Textured Beef) – those that know me will know I am in the food/beef business – and today with the supply and demand issues with beef in North America, we’ve never seen higher prices nor need such a celebrity chef toting and communicating false information.  The press LOVES to jump on such negative messages.  If you’re interested – learn more of what LFTB really is from the AMI video below – and boycott Jamie Oliver products and burn his cook books if you have any!!  My wife won’t like that I’m going to come home and throw out her “Jamie Oliver pepper grinder”.  Stay in His wakes!


2 years……….not enough…..

20 03 2012

It’s not very often that I personally feel compelled to get involved in something “political” and it’s hard to judge as a Christian man one sin vs. another sin and point towards what, today, was an unjust judicial system in Canada.  I’ve followed a bit of the witness of NHL hockey players Theo Fleury (I have read his book “Playing with Fire” – an account of his journey in life – warning to those that might consider reading – it is graphic and should come with an advisory warning on the swearing penned throughout) , Sheldon Kennedy, and I believe Theo’s cousin Todd Holt relative to being preyed upon by their junior hockey coach Graham James.  Laws are laws biblically and in the country of which one resides but I was sickened by the ONLY 2 year sentence handed down today to Mr.James for his multiple (in the 100’s) occasions he sexually abused young boys for his personal satisfaction.  To know that individuals like Graham James surround our towns, cities, provinces, country, and the world, and that the Canadian government failed so badly in his sentence should make us all sick to our stomach’s.  As I watch the public testimony of these brave men – survivors of sexual abuse – I am proud that they challenge me as a voter in this country to ask my constituent in politics what he/she will be doing as my voice to change the laws in this country relative to child abuse.  I’m ashamed that I didn’t ask upon voting last time.  I know many that say a politician has to pick their battles and we as voters also need to pick our battles – one can only do so much I’ve often heard and even agreed to at times.  Today I’m more compelled than ever to pick the battle of helping change the laws of this country relative to child sexual abuse and child pornography.  Shame on us.  Shame on the Canadian judicial system.  Shame on our Prime Minister.  My prayers today turn towards Christ to intervene and may He continue to judge us and our sin.  Stay in His wakes!